Ruby Rox | Cow Skull | Antique
Ruby Rox | Cow Skull | Antique
Ruby Rox | Cow Skull | Antique
Carver Concepts

Ruby Rox | Cow Skull | Antique

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Height (without horns) – 43 cm
Height (including horns) – 54 cm (size may vary due to the curvature of the horns)
Width (without horns) – 18 cm

Note: Measurements are a guide only and your unique piece may vary from those measurements above.

Flower Mandala
Carved Cow Skull
Colour: Antique

All Carver Concept skulls come with authentic horns which are shipped detached to ensure they are not damaged in transit. They are easily placed on the skull, ready to be mounted in your home.

Our carved animal skulls are hand-chiselled by local Balinese Master Carvers – all of whom have spent a lifetime perfecting the art of sculpting these beautiful, timeless pieces. Because all pieces in our collection are carved by hand, which can take several days from concept to completion, each and every Carver Concepts animal skull is absolutely unique – ensuring the item you receive is unlike any other in New Zealand, or around the world.