MILLER ROAD Candle Care Kit
MILLER ROAD Candle Care Kit

MILLER ROAD Candle Care Kit

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Introducing our new Candle Care Kit, the perfect addition to any candle lover's collection!

Available in two sophisticated colour options, black and gold, this kit includes three essential tools for maintaining your candles: a luxury wick trimmer, candle dipper, and candle snuffer, neatly packed in a black velvet bag.

The wick trimmer is designed to ensure a clean and even burn every time by trimming the wick to just the right length. The candle dipper allows for easy and mess-free extinguishing, while the candle snuffer provides a safe and efficient way to put out your candle without blowing out the flame.

The black Candle Care Kit even comes with a bonus tray, perfect for catching any excess wax or debris during trimming or extinguishing. Meanwhile, the gold kit exudes a sleek and elegant style, making it the ideal gift for any candle enthusiast.

This Candle Care Kit is the perfect complement to our luxury candle collection. Whether you're an avid candle lover or simply looking for a luxurious and practical gift, our Candle Care Kit is sure to impress!